-My Carnivore sells a complete line of carnivorous plants as pets, including the venus fly trap, sundew, nepenthes, and pitcher plants-

  • Go Green this year with the gift of a fun carbon- and bug-eating plant!

    My Carnivore is the best place for your Spring shopping. Our plants are hungry and colorful and we guarantee everything we sell for 30 days! Go ahead and try one. Your plant will be a hit!

    • Be sure to check out Seymour the Venus Fly Trap. He is healthy and ready to adopt.
    • We have a great selection of the most home-friendly carnivores with attractive environment-controlling terrariums that will delight and educate all ages.
    • Look at our new Mini Bogs and Flytrap Garden kits... A real educational growing experience for the entire family!
    • Dress up and customize your carnivorous pets home with our featured terrarium accessories or even consider providing a treat for your Venus Flytrap of dried flies as you watch them eat
    • Collect All 3: Seymour the Venus Flytrap, Caesar the Sundew, and Nick the Nepenthes
    • Plants starting at only $7.95 each. Order online now!
  • A truly unique, personal seasonal gift

    Venus Fly Trap plants make great pets for young and old alike. These plants spur learning, encourage responsibility, and are fun to show off! Make yours the gift that is remembered with My Carnivore.

    Seasonal Tips:
    • Do not wrap a live-plant or leave in a closed box for more than a couple of days. When your plant arrives, just open the box and it should be fine for several days. For longer times, please follow the care instructions.
    • If you are concerned about the live plant, try out a seed kit!
    • If you live in a cold weather region, make sure your plants are shipped to an address where they will be taken inside immediately (office or home where somebody is there).
    • Some plants, especially pitcher plants, are smaller and less active in the winter. The sundew and nepenthes plants are active year round.
    • All of our plants have a 30-day free plant replacement, so if your gift dies, do not worry! We will send out a replacement plant for free!
  • What Others Are Saying About My Carnivore

    My Carnivore introduced Seymour the Venus Fly Trap and his Carnivorous Plant Pet Friends in 2002. Here's what others are saying:

    • "Best in Show" SuperZoo 2008 Show
    • "The most innovative pet product of the year" Editor's Choice Award, Pet Product News Magazine.
    • "The perfect starter pet for children" Mitch Wilder, The Pet Report
    • "Just as your site said it would be and truly marvelous..." Carolyn H.
    • "Our order came in and all the plants were looking great...Thanks so much for your help!" Colleen C.

  Carnivorous Plants in Action!

Watch your Venus Fly Trap snap shut on an unsuspecting bug. Feel the sticky glue of a sundew as it ensnares a flying pest. Gaze into the mouth of a Nepenthes pool-of-death trap. And just in case yours is still in the mail, check out our pictures:

Venus Fly Trap eatingVenus Fly Trap Nepenthes eatingNepenthes Sundew eatingSundew Pitcher Plant Purpurea eatingPurpurea Carnivorous Plants eatingSeedlings Pitcher Plant Rubra eatingRubra

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